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1999  LUNCH EVENTS - Soup to Nuts Timeline

Jan 23 -- Bill and all the State Troubadours present a concert at Cheney Hall, Manchester

Jan 12-14- Bill presents music technology at the Science and Math Jamboree at Conn. College

Feb-May- Bill is an Artist -in-Residence at Preston City School for grades 3 and 4.

Feb 4 Bill presents arts and science integration at Helen Baldwin Middle School, Canterbury

Feb 8 The entire North Branford Middle School gets a look at the science of music technology, presented by Bill

Mar 14 The Ensemble performs for Girl Scout Day in Quaker Hill

Apr 12 Shauna Beth and Bill appear on WVVE radio

Apr 15 Bill is the morning guest on WERQ radio,

Apr 16 The Ensemble appears on Q-105 radio

Apr 17- The 5th Harry Chapin Legacy Show "May the Farce Be With You",
  raising  $32,000

Apr 29- Bill presents at Career Day, Ledyard Middle School

Apr 17- Bill and Kay are at the Groton Public Library for a children's show

May 23 Bill and Kay perform at the Three Rivers Cleanup  Festival, sponsored by United Earth Fund.

May 24- The first Songcrafters Showcase and Songshare in New London, featuring Nancy Tucker

Jun 21- Songcrafters Showcase and Songshare in New London, with Convergence, Bill Flowerree, and Les Julian

Jun 25 Bill and Kay perform at the Coffeehouse at First Church, Wethersfield

Jul 11-17- Bill is the music director for the 4th Summer

Music Camp at Camp Wightman

Jul 26 The acting students at Papermoon Productions summer acting camp get a presentation from Bill on voice technology and vocal tools.

Jul 26 Songcrafters Showcase and Songshare in New London, featuring Kay's entire musical family from California

Jul 31- Bill and Kay are married in Mystic, in a ceremony featuring original music.

Aug 7 The Ensemble performs at the annual Mumford Cove Neighborhood Association outdoor festival

Aug 23 Bill and Kay sing at the Chapin Festival in Nova Scotia and present a check to World Hunger Year

Aug 30 Bill is the guest speaker at the Mystic Rotary Club

Aug  8 - Bill and ShaunaBeth perform at the 150th Anniversary Celebration at Pfizer Inc, Groton

Sep 27 Songcrafters Showcase and Songshare in New London, with Ron Brault

Oct 3 - The Ensemble performs at the Harkness Family Day

Dec 5 - The 3rd LUNCH Holiday Show --"Christmas on Gilligan's Island

Dec 31 - The Ensemble rings in the New Year at Mystic First Night

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