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READ SOME LETTERS TO LUNCH: There are no recipes or formulas for what we do and no models to follow. Since we started in 1989, we have been creating this as we go along. The best way we can tell if we're on the right path, doing the right thing, is by the comments and letters we get from those who share the journey with us. Sometimes when we're really exhausted, we ask if it's all worth it... If there's ever any doubt, we take a look at some of the letters that come unexpectedly in the mail. Here are some of them:

From a Social Service Agency Director: "I am always impressed with the leadership and innovation you have demonstrated in the area of hunger and with what LUNCH has accomplished in raising and distributing money for this cause. By involving youth in these efforts, it is a double blessing. You are the perfect example of how one person and a small group can make an enormous difference!"

From a Teacher: "I want to thank you for your presentation at our school. I am particularly pleased because one of the young men who was helping you had given up on education. Seeing your performance has made him rethink again that perhaps school isn't so bad after all."

From a Grandparent: "My grandson and I listened to hours of your tapes on our trip. Your music really does bring peace and has such a deep understanding of young people and all people's inner feelings about themselves and others. Thanks so much for this ministry of yours with so many dimensions."

From the Governor of Connecticut:: "On behalf of the State of Connecticut, it is a pleasure to extend greetings and thanks for your remarkable contribution through LUNCH. I commend your efforts in the community and your dedication to helping the homeless. Your selfless commitment is an example to us all and an inspiration to the State of Connecticut. "

From a Parent: "You have made an impression on my little girl regarding helping and caring for others. She listens to your CD regularly and often quotes your words. Your packages in the mail definitely bring a ray of sunshine to my daughter's life."

From a LUNCH Participant: "I have just recently witnessed many help those less fortunate by attending a play put on by Bill Pere and the L.U.N.C.H (Local United Network to Combat Hunger) ensemble. I was in the play, and I have to say, it was all fun and games until we sing the songs about people going hungry. At some points, despite the fact that I was wearing a broiling hot and stuffy ape suit, the songs sent chills down my spine. I thought it was great that so many people attended the event, and I am happy to say that [my friends] came, and paid for tickets. I had lots of fun performing, but I also thought of people who are in need, and those two feelings combined were very meaningful to me.

From a LUNCH Participant: "I had a great time singing on stage. I love to be able to tell everyone that I sang at the Garde with the Steve Chapin Band. Thank you for the great pictures and certificate. I already have them framed on my bedroom wall. "

From a LUNCH Participant:     Thanks for letting me sing that solo. I've realized that I don't think I'm ever going to be able to leave L.U.N.C.H. It's been a part of my life for so long, I can't part with it. I've met some of the nicest people through it. Everyone in L.U.N.C.H. means the world to me. And all the people we've helped, even though I don't know them, are feeling the positive affects of what we do, too. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help, and be helped.

From a LUNCH Parent:      " It is certainly an honor to be part of  an organization that does so much for vulnerable children and families. In addition, the opportunities that our own children have to mix and mingle so many talented performers is greatly appreciated."

From a Chapin Fan: "I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed your concert at Cheney Hall. It was really a nice way for my son and I to spend an evening together. I enjoyed every one of your songs as well as Harry's which you stayed very true to. It's great to see Harry's legacy live on especially with the young folks. The world needs more people like you and Harry. "

From a Parent: "Thanks for another great season. My daughter continues to enjoy LUNCH and I think she has really grasped the fact that one person can make a difference, and that collectively anything is possible.  That is something that will stay with her for her life and I thank you for your part in instilling that in her"

From a Legacy Show Participant: "This was an experience I will never forget. I can't remember when I've ever had this much fun, and to know that it's helping needy people in our own community is the best feeling. Thanks so much!"

From a Summer Camp Participant: You may not remember me, but I remember you. When I was younger, you taught me along with countless others to appreciate music at Camp Wightman. I am now a junior at High School in Massachusetts and I am the Chorus Advisor for my grade. I hope to be on the to Boston College in a couple of years. I plan to continue in music as long as I can. Thank you for inspiring me. I wish I could contribute more. It's such a worthy cause.

From the Co-Founder of Harvest Homes:   Harvest Homes moved their first
family into their new home . A single mom with 3 kids.  Our second
family will have a home this week!  Thanks for supporting us, the press we
got because of your concert helped tremendously, donors came forward
who weren't able to attend the show and who didn't know about us beforehand.
We would love to make it an annual event.

From a LUNCH Parent: I am deeply grateful for all the hard work and devotion you put into the LUNCH project. It is such a blessing for the kids and the community alike, and as such, it must be a blessing to you as well. Our daughter's participation in LUNCH has been a very positive and enriching experience for our entire family. The spiritual aspect that you both bring to the entire experience via your example and songwriting is appreciated.

From a parent whose daughter wrote about LUNCH as part of a school assignment: Helping the world can be fun. In LUNCH, you're doing just that. By joining LUNCH I learned that you can make a difference in the world while enjoying it too. I've made new friends and seen old ones. This activity is a great experience. Consider joining and get ready for memories, lots of smiles, and make a difference in the world.

From a  LUNCH participant:   I am moving to Maryland and I wanted to tell everyone how much I have enjoyed playing with LUNCH. The group is amazing and a wonderful organization to be part of. I am honored to have had the opportunity to be part of it. You guys have made me feel so welcome. You are all family to me. That is why this is not a good-bye.  I will  come up from Maryland and play in as many shows as I can. I want to especially thank Bill and Kay for everything. You guys are really the magic that makes this all happen. ! Keep the circle spinning!!!!

From a  LUNCH participant:   It's amazing to be in touch with you again. I've gone over your websites and want to congratulate you on all that you have accomplished. You have changed the course ahead for so many people. It is with great honor that I sit here now smiling and think that I was once a part of it. I must admit the sight of your piano coat gave me a big goofy grin.  I want to give you my thanks in letting me be a part of the  production. I do know that looking back on it gives me a warm feeling in my heart and I hope that all volunteers to come have the same feeling when they look back at their experiences as well.       

From the President of a Hunger Agency Board:    Simply saying Thank You somehow seems an inadequate, but I could not let the moment pass without acknowledging your invaluable role over the years in helping us help others. So let me say it:  Thank You.


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