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  Bill - Official Website for Bill Pere
  Kay - Official Website for Kay Pere
  Harry - An unofficial Harry Chapin Archive site
  Jen Chapin- Official Website for Jen Chapin
  Connecticut Songwriting Academy- Development for Artist Activism
  Connecticut Songwriters Association - CSA Official Website
  Songcrafters' Coloring Book - Bill Pere's Songwriting Book
  World Hunger Year - W.H.Y. website
  Ovens Natural Park - Website for the Park owned by Steve Chapin
  Music For a - U. Hartford Concert Series
  Camp Wightman - Where LUNCH has its summer music camp
  End - Initiatives to fight hunger
  1 of 52  - A multi-state coalition of artists to fight hunger - Website of Lyrics & Chords to all the Chapin songs
  SONGSALIVE!- Supporting and promoting independent artists
  Scott a great Chapin Fan and bassist for LUNCH - John McMenamin's Chapin site
  Harry Chapin - Chapin family web  site - Web  site for Howard Fields
  Learning From - Using Song Lyrics for Education
  Internet Keyword Map Keyword Searches
  TAXI -  helping unsigned bands, artists and songwriters get                    record  deals, publishing  deals and placement in films and TV shows
  Artistopia Songwriter and Artist Resources
  Creative MS Outreach Program  - Signature Songwriting Competition An International Song & Lyric Competition




The Unisong International Songwriting Competition

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