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LUNCH Programs are quite flexible and can be tailored to meet the needs of a particular school. The basics of our core programs are given below. Some programs are at no cost, and some programs have a nominal fee, .and may be eligible for grants from the Connecticut Commission on the Arts or other supporting agencies. We'd be happy to meet with you to discuss how we can best meet your specific goals.  We work with public, private and home school groups.


We are partners with the Connecticut Songwriting Academy.

We can customize programs for any type of school project relating to
service learning,  music, social studies, civics,  language arts,  computer science, character education,  creativity,  and community leadership.


Service Learning In Action -- A LUNCH Ensemble Family Concert

: In this innovative, award-winning program, LUNCH will:

Provide a memorable experience for students and parents of your school by blending arts, education, and community outreach

•  Come to your school with an ensemble of kids, Grades 4-12, from several schools,  and professional members of the Connecticut Songwriters Association, to present an evening  concert

Involve selected students from your school in choral and/or instrumental participation

• Model for students and parents how popular music can be used to produce positive social action,  based on the example set by Harry Chapin and other socially active popular artists

Raise awareness of issues hunger and homelessness in Connecticut, and show that individuals can  make a difference in the lives of others

• Enable the kids to raise funds for a local soup kitchen or family service agency

• Bring to bear two decades of experience in presenting events that involve kids and benefit the community


The Ensemble comes to the school on a Friday or Saturday evening, and presents a family concert of original songs and songs of the Harry Chapin legacy. The music and skits convey a message of acceptance and appreciation of differences between people, or any other positive message that the school wished to reinforce. The concert is open to the public. Students who have learned some of the songs by working with their music teacher may join the ensemble to sing on those songs. Most importantly, in getting to see the Ensemble, students get to see their peers, ages ranging from grades 4-12, contributing time and effort for the benefit of others. Students learn not only that volunteering can be fun, but that they as individuals can make a difference in the lives of others. Students can be involved in other aspects of the show such as promotion, program cover artwork, posters, etc. and as a prelude, can learn about some of the social issues in our own state, Since 1980, there have been hundreds of LUNCH Concerts across Connecticut. This event can be integrated into an overall social awareness program. See the website Photo Albums for a pictoral archive of past events.


Curriculum Integration: Music, Math, Science and Technology.

This interactive program, presented by Bill without the Ensemble, has been voted a perennial favorite by students at the annual regional Science and Math Jamboree. The presentation looks at modern music technology, exploring the math and science of sound, and the underlying computer principles . From grades 4-college, the program is presented in an age-appropriate format. Students get to have their voice digitally captured and manipulated, and they can see visually what the sound looks like. This presentation is done in class-sized groups over the course of one or more days, and can be used as a prelude to an evening LUNCH concert (above), where some of the music technology demonstrated is then used in performance. Since 1991, this completely unique program has been presented to more than 10,000 Connecticut students


Recording Studio Visit: Groups of up to 16 selected students can come to the LUNCH recording studio to record backing vocals on one of Bill's award-winning songs, to be released on a professional CD and distributed worldwide through i-Tunes and other outlets. Proceeds from sales of recordings are used to support local social service agencies. The school receives a CD of the music in advance, so that the music teacher can work with the students in preparation for the recording session. Hundreds of students have appeared on LUNCH CD's. While at the studio, the students can get a demonstration of various types of music technology . To date, LUNCH has released 15 CD's, featuring students from many different schools. On-site recording can be done as well to accommodate large groups. There is a fee for on-site recording .


Connecticut History Through Song: Bill and friends present songs from his "Profiles of Connecticut " CD, specifically designed to complement the 4th through 6th grade history curricula. Vignettes of people and events in Connecticut history are brought to life by an Official Connecticut State Troubadour.


Math, Magic and Miracle -- A Look at Probability: This presentation highlights concepts of probability by relating them to commonplace everyday decisions, and to scientific method. Designed for class-sized groups, the props and hands-on activities give memorable counter-intuitive examples of probability at work. This presentation serves and an excellent bridge between math and science curricula. This presentation has been given as part of the CAMPY program for advanced middle school math students.


Songwriting Workshop: The creative process of songwriting draws on many different subject areas and cognitive skills. The process is rarely presented to students outside of specialized music schools, at college or post-college level. The focus here, presented by a nationally published , award winning songwriter and educator, highlights the difference between expressing and communicating, and emphasizes the importance of communication as a life skill. This program can be a daytime prelude to the evening concert program described above. The program "Songwriting as a Curriculum Integration Tool "is given as a teacher workshop - (see below.)


Career Day Presentations: What does it take to have a rewarding career in music or science? This presentation is designed to be part of a school career day for students, or Bill can be a keynote speaker combining music and interactive discussion. Bill discusses the skills and character traits needed to be successful in either the arts or sciences. emphasizing the importance of a well balanced education as a key that unlocks many career paths.


Communication Through Math and Music: A look at math as a language and a means of communication  How numbers, words, and music are all different forms of communicating universal concepts and information.


Mentoring: Bill Pere and Kay Pere, both professional educators, provide customized, one-on-one mentoring in areas ranging from songwriting to composition, to physics. Students have been helped with projects in science, music, and technology. Special distance -learning consultantships can be arranged as well for gifted students with special needs.


The Scientific Method: Bill gives a memorable presentation, using counter-intuitive props and examples, of the scientific method, and what it takes to do a good experiment and present the results in a professional way. For grades 6 and up. and groups doing science fair projects.


Appreciating Differences in Others, and the Uniqueness of Self: Bill, either with the Ensemble or solo, gives a presentation through song and discussion, with props and demonstration, of how we can appreciate the diversity of human kind, and the unique gifts that each individual has to offer in the Symphony of Man. (This can be the theme and basis for an evening concert, as described above), or done as a keynote presentation for a schoolwide Diversity Day. Particularly effective with class-size groups.


Additional presentations and artist-in-residence programs can be offered or constructed to meet any topic in the area of music, science, and computer technology, or Character Education and Service Learning.


If your school has a Community Service requirement for your students, participation in any LUNCH event is a great way to earn community service hours.


LUNCH also offers scholarship awards ranging from $100 to $500 to students who demonstrate initiative and commitment to community outreach through music





A cornerstone of the LUNCH outreach is an year-long partnership between the school and LUNCH, culminating in a full music and theatrical production. There is no cost to the school for participating . In fact, events are usually successful enough so that LUNCH can make a donation back to the school in support of some school program or student assistance fund.


Twenty-five original productions have been put on since 1989, raising money to support local social service agencies and youth service bureaus. LUNCH shows are always family oriented, light hearted fun, with an subtly stated message of social awareness and caring for others.


Students act, sing, and are involved in every aspect of a professional event, which is open to the community. Students get the opportunity to work with professional artists, and an ensemble of their peers from other schools is involved as well in presenting the program. LUNCH provides the director, script, technical expertise and core music ensemble, and works with the school to produce a well polished, lighthearted family show.


Professional direction, set, costumes, sound, lighting, video, programs, flyers, promotional announcements, etc all support an original script which can be tailored to the level of the participants.


These productions, done at both the High School and Middle School level, have raised thousands of dollars in support of community outreach programs. All proceeds are used to support local social services and to provide community outreach opportunities for kids through music and theater.


Many students who participate in our productions stay on to become regular members of the LUNCH Ensemble.


Interested schools should contact Bill Pere to arrange a meeting for further discussion (860-572-9285, or e-mail:  info @ lunchensemble . com)


For a look at some LUNCH Shows that have been presented in other schools, look at our Photo Albums here at the website.



• Songwriting as a Tool for Curriculum Integration
. -- Imagine a single activity that involves elements of Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Math, and the Arts. Songwriting fits the bill perfectly, and Connecticut's most decorated songwriter, Bill Pere, presents a teacher workshop on how to make use of this activity. This program has been presented several times as a LEARN workshop. Songwriting is rarely taught in any formal school curriculum, but it is an art form which serves as a nexus for interrelating principles of many disciplines. Writing song lyrics, marrying them to music, and getting the combination to communicate effectively is a task that exercises the concrete and abstract, the sequential and the random, the subjective and objective, the creative and methodical. Teachers who work in teams or as individuals can effectively integrate songwriting into any part of any subject's curriculum, from Physics to Expository Writing. Students always respond positively to the universal language of music and song, and this is a sure way to make any topic seem a little more appealing to students who may otherwise not be engaged. This workshop provides concrete, usable exercises and techniques that can be applied in any classroom.


• MBTI Workshop -- Preferences for Learning and Communicating: The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is the most widely used preference profiling tool in the world. With amazing clarity, detail, and accuracy, it enables one to understand how other people prefer to give and receive information, follow instructions, approach tasks, and organize work. Used extensively in the professional workplace, MBTI fosters constructive use of differences between people. It is invaluable in facilitating positive effective parent-child, student-teacher, male-female, employee-boss, and peer-to-peer interactions.


A single half-day or full-day workshop by a qualified MBTI practitioner provides a solid foundation for improving communication, understanding, and the giving and receiving of information -- all fundamental cornerstones of the teaching. MBTI imparts tremendous self-awareness, and lays a solid foundation for appreciating and making positive use of differences between people.


MBTI has been researched worldwide for more than 50 years, with data from millions of people supporting the effectiveness of the information it provides. An environment where different preference profiles are recognized in a common way, is an environment where people can be free to be themselves, and to teach and learn at their best.


LUNCH provides a qualified MBTI group leader with a program tailored for your desired outcomes.




LUNCH SCHOOL PROGRAMS:  phone:  860-572-9285

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