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 2002 LUNCH EVENTS -- Soup to Nuts Timeline

Jan 26 - "Give the Children a Tomorrow", by Bill Pere and Les Julian, was the first song recorded and performed by LUNCH in 1991. The song was performed by children from St Mary's school in Jewett City, for a church service, directed by Deb Sloan.

Feb 12-14 -- Bill presents music, math and technology to students at Abraham Pearson School in Clinton

Mar -Apr -- recording sessions with high school members of the Ensemble for the new CD "High School, My School", released on August 1.

Mar 7 -- Bill presents music, math and technology to children and parents and Science Expo night at Essex Elementary School

Apr 5 -- Bill presents a program on appreciating diversity and being resilient at Resiliency Day at Tyl Middle School in Montville.

May 1-3 -- The Annual Science and Math Jamboree at Pfizer, where Bill does his popular Music Technology program for hundreds of 8th grade students.

May 16 -- Sixteen students from Ledyard Center School come to the studio to record "Dare to Dream"

May 18 -- Bill is at Three Rivers College to present a workshop on math for gifted children

May 21 -- Students at Stonington High School hear Bill's presentation of MBTI and accepting personality differences

June 10 - Kay receives the CSA award for Outstanding Contribution to Education Through Music, and Bill receives the CSA Award for Outstanding Community Service Through Music

July 14-20 the 7th LUNCH Summer Music Camp at Camp Wightman

July 24 -- Bill returns as a guest on the TV-26 program "For the Record", with host Monique Brook

Aug 1 -- The long awaited release of "High School My School", Bill's 10th CD.

Aug 16-18 -- Bill, Kay, and Scott join the original Chapin Band and three generations of the Chapin Family for the annual Chapin Music festival at Ovens Park, in Nova Scotia

Sept 7 -- The annual LUNCH autumn kickoff party, hosted by  Bill and Kay in Mystic

Oct 8 -- Bill presents a program on Music Theory and composition for the Connecticut Songwriters Association in old Saybrook

Oct 23-24 -- Bill presents Music, Math, and Technology to the 8th grade at Sage Park School in Windsor

Nov 13 -- Bill returns for a 3rd time to the Bethany Community School to present his intercurricular program.

Nov 8 -- Scott, Kay, and Bill join with Nancy Tucker and other CSA artists to provide an evening of original music at the Vanilla Bean in Pomfret

Dec 1 -- The release of another new CD -- "Christmas Eve on the Poor Side of Town"

Dec 7 -- The Annual LUNCH Holiday Show, "Santaplicity"

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