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Track List, Description, & Lyrics
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  Songs for Kids Who Touch the Stars
  Bill Pere with the LUNCH Ensemble

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Track List

1.  The Beginning ??  
2.  My Smile Is Upside Down
3.  Change It !
4.  Kids Just Want to Have Fund$
5.  My Best Friend
6.  Kyla and the Cupcakes
7.  If I Had a Time Machine (Hide and Seek)
8.  Juliassic Park
9.  Game Warden
10. Rhythms of Our Heart
11 All of Us God's Children

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Songs For Kids Who Touch the Stars

songs by Bill Pere, with the LUNCH Ensemble

These songs are not only fun but they have meaningful words and beautiful music"

(a teacher, central CT)

When was the last time you heard songs that speak as much to parents as they do to kids?

Songs For Kids Who Touch the Stars is Bill's third collection of songs, designed to foster positive discussion and interaction between kids and their parents. The songs pick up some of the characters and stories from the preceding CD ("Songs for Kids With Common Scents") and continue the story in new directions. In Bill's typical cinematic style, all the songs interweave together, but can also stand individually. There is dialog between the songs (featuring the Lunch kids) which make the whole thing seem like a stage play.

The recording features Bill's clever, well crafted lyrics, singable music, and harmonies by the LUNCH Ensemble. The tracks are orchestrated with Bill's distinctive full band arrangements featuring 12-string acoustic guitar and Midi guitar.

"All of Us God's Children" was written specially for Bill's live performance at the Special Olympics World Games in 1995. "Rhythms o Our Heart" is a musically and lyrically rich celebration of the way the world all fits together. These songs are light hearted yet carry important meaning for parents and children to share.

12 Tracks, 52 minutes, Lyric Sheet Included !

Proceeds from the sale of this CD (and all of Bill's CD's) go to help Hunger Relief and family service agencies, through Local United Network to Combat Hunger (LUNCH).

If you like lyrically rich songs that have meaning and are fun to hear and sing:

Songs For Kids Who Touch the Stars is part three of Bill's children's collection, which also includes "Songs For Kids Who Like to Think", "Songs For Kids With Common Scents", "Profiles of Connecticut", and the yet-to -be released "Songs for Kids Who Dare to Dream "

Also, check out Bill's AMERICANA series of CD's, which includes "Crest of a Wave" (maritime setting), "Cityscape" (urban setting), "Rural Mural" (rural setting) , "High School My School", (high school setting), and "College Collage" (college setting).

Also check out Bill's spiritual collection, which includes "You'll See a Much Brighter Day", "New Day Coming Tomorrow"", and "A LUNCH Ensemble Christmas"


BILL PERE - background highlights

• The national IMC Indie Artist of the Year, 2003

• Official Connecticut State Troubadour appointed 1995 by CT Commission on the Arts

• President and Executive Director, Connecticut Songwriters Association

• Founder and Executive Director, LUNCH (Local United Network to Combat Hunger) raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for hunger relief programs in Connecticut through benefit concerts

• 14 CD's of original songs recorded and released

• 25 original theater plays produced

• Producer of the Harry Chapin Legacy Concert series

• International appearances and performances with the Steve Chapin Band

• Citation by the Connecticut State Legislature for Community Service through Music

• Founder, Connecticut Songwriting and Performance Conference

• Founder, Connecticut Songwriting Academy

• 1997 Citizen of the Year Award from Mystic Chamber of Commerce

• 1995 Community Service Award from International Artists Cooperative

• Five-time recipient of the CSA Award for Outstanding Community Outreach through Music"

• Author, "Songcrafters Coloring Book -- Songwriting Techniques that Get Results"

• Song "The Wish" selected for inclusion on compilation CD produced by Rhode Island-based Artists Against Hunger

• Editor, Connecticut Songsmith

• Member Connecticut Music Educators Conference

• Author "Songcrafters Coloring Book"

• Published articles in numerous music industry publications including "Songwriters Market"

• 1981 and 1991 Connecticut Songwriter of the Year

• Two-time recipient, CSA Award for Outstanding Contribution to Education through Music

• First recipient of the CSA Renaissance Award for multiple music achievements, presented by Pete Seeger, 1995

• Presenter of award-winning Music Technology programs for teachers and students


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