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Track List and Description

  Even Better Than Chocolate

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Track List

1. Fortune Teller
2. Even Better Than Chocolate
3. The Tempo of Time
4. Because the Sky Fell Down
5. Tin Cans and Twine
6. Early Spring
7. Circle of Each Other's Arms
8. Skin of Sandalwood
9. Trust Me
10. Siren Song
11. Rage of the Innocents
12. Hope
13. When We Agree to Disagree

Listen:  Click Here !

                  A journey of spirit through song
by Kay Pere

Recorded in Nashville with Grammy Award Winning Producer, Michael Hopkins.

This collection with rich, full band arrangements was recorded in Nashville but is very different than what people expect to hear coming from there. The intricate, piano-driven music leaps across stylistic boundaries and the well-crafted, introspective lyrics paint a picture of strength, hope, healing, and caring  More Info: visit Kay's Website

Net Proceeds from the sale of this CD (and all LUNCH CD's) go to help Hunger Relief and family service agencies, through Local United Network to Combat Hunger (LUNCH).

If you like lyrically rich songs that have meaning and emotion:

" New Day Coming Tomorrow " and "You'll See a Much Brighter Day" are both part of Bill Pere's spiritual collection.

Also, check out Bill's AMERICANA series of CD's, which includes "Crest of a Wave" (maritime setting), "Cityscape" (urban setting), "Rural Mural" (rural setting) , "High School My School", (high school setting), "College Collage" (college setting), and "Profiles of Connecticut" (Connecticut history)



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