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Voices For Hope
      Scholarship, Vocal Competition,
and Community Outreach Opportunity,
and a chance to work with multi-national
award-winning industry professionals.

Use Your Voice to Help Those Who Have None

to some of our Voices For Hope Winners singing LUNCH songs.
The recordings are availabl below or through LUNCH, CDBaby,
and other digital outlets like iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon


Virginia Grabovsky, Jillian Iredale, Emmi Bowen, Abigail Bowen

The 2018 Voices For Hope winners came to the studio to record "All of Us, God's Children" written by Bill Pere, blending their talents and voices.

See the video on YouTube
Voices For Hope Bill Pere

Kennedy Morris

2016 Voices For Hope winner Kennedy Morris came to the studio to record "Junp Start (All of Your Dreams" written by Bill Pere.   Kennedy's rendition is a great addition to the several other artists who have recorded this song.

See the Video on You Tube


Kennedy Morris
Samantha Dorsi  with  
Chelsey Barker

2013 Voices For Hope winner Samantha Dorsi and fellow VFH finalist Chelsea Barker came to the studio to record "Be Your Own Hero"

Samantha has sung at other LUNCH events, and Chelsey has become a regular member of the Ensemble.

See the video on YouTube

Rebekah Philip &
Kelly Masotta

2011 Voices For Hope winner Rebekah Philip came to the studio to record "Hope" (see below).  She also came along with 1st runner-up Kelly Masotta, and the duo recorded "When People Care" written by Bill Pere

See the video on YouTube

Rebekah Philip

2011 Voices For Hope winner Rebekah Philip came to the studio to record "Hope", written by Kay Pere.

Rebekah has performed this and other songs live with the Ensemble at several events.

See the video on YouTube


Santana Roberts

Our 2010 Voices For Hope winner is 15 year old Santana Roberts, of West Greenwich RI. Santana participated in the 2007 competition, and she placed third.   In July 2010, Santana came to the studio and recorded "Time at the Table" which was the final audition song for the 2010 event.    She has sung the song several times in live performance with Bill and Kay, and had some radio play as well.
Listen to Santana on YouTube

Angel Martin &
Mackenzie Ackley

Our 2010 second place winner, is Angel Martin  age 12, from Brooklyn, CT.  Our 3rd place winner , 11-year old Mackenzie Ackley,  is from Mystic, CT.  These two young girls with big voices were perfectly suited to join us in the studio as a duo to record "The Orphan's Lament", a song from Bill's children's musical "Pegasus".
Listen to  Angel & Mackenzie on YouTube..

Jaclyn Sabogal

Voices For Hope '06 winner Jaclyn Sabogal, from Massachusetts (center) visits Bill Pere and Kay Pere at their studio to work on recording.  Jaclyn sang "The Dream Held In Your Eyes", released on the CD "Dare to Dream", January 2007

(listen to Jaclyn)
Description, Lyrics

Samantha Schaufler &
Stefanie Schaufler

In June 2008,
amantha And Stefanie Schaufler, VFH '07 winners from Rhode Island, recorded a special song written for them called S.A.S.S
(Sisters Against Sad Societies), released as a special CD-single,
July 2008, and distributed throughout Europe, 2009

(See the  Video on YouTube)

Description, Lyrics

Caroline Zocco

In August 2009, Caroline Zocco,  our 2009 VFH Winner recorded "All of Us God's Children", which was the finals audition song for the 2009 competition.  Bill Pere,  as Official Connecticut State Troubadour, was asked to write the song for the Special Olympics World Games in New Haven, CT, in 1995 .
 Listen to Caroline on You Tube 

Julie Lavery

Julie Lavery, the 2007 winner from Whitman, MA visited Bill and Kay in August 2007 to record "Angels on Horseback", released as a special CD-single,   Summer 2007

(listen to Julie)

Description, Lyrics

Kayla Bogan
Kayla Bogan, a Voices For Hope 2006 winner from Brick, New Jersey, came to work with Bill and Kay, recording a new version of "Jump Start (All of Your Dreams)", released on the CD "Dare to Dream", Spring 2007

(listen to Kayla)

Description, Lyrics


Julie Novak
n June 2007, Julie Novak, along with several other Voices For Hope entrants joined with the LUNCH Ensemble for a concert at the Shubert Theater in New Haven, with the original members Harry Chapin's Band

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