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Stuff we Need and Volunteer Jobs to Do

If you ever wonder what kids of things you can do to help out, or what we might need for our programs, here is our LUNCH 2004-2005 WISH LIST

We need:


A banner with a city skyline for Holiday Show

Volunteers for Holiday Show Crew (lights, backstage, sound, video)

Adult Volunteers to assist at rehearsals !

Cleanup crew (everything has to be dismantled within 45 minutes after the show is done)

Cast Party Coordinator

Volunteers to help get business sponsors

Seamstress to do costume alterations



-- an outdoor storage shed (pre-fab or built from scratch) for props and supplies

-- Help with equipment load-in/load out at shows

-- Snacks for rehearsals and shows

-- Donated Raffle items for shows -- anything goes !

-- any old office or computer equipment

-- any music or electronic equipment

-- office supplies, paper, CD packaging/labeling supplies, etc

-- A source of donated or discounted printing or color photocopying

-- Volunteers to call schools/churches/ venues to arrange for an event.

-- hospitality and logistics volunteers for monthly Mystic River Folk concerts

-- A banner for Mystic River Folk Concerts

-- distributors for event flyers

-- Graphics or Computer layout assistance to develop brochures on hunger and

on LUNCH program activities

-- Batteries -- AAA, AA, 9V, C, D

-- Extension cords, Universal AC power adapters, patch cords, line cords, USB cables

-- Blank Music CD's or CD-R's (no logo)

-- 0.38mm guitar picks

-- Schubb guitar capos

-- Volunteers for setup, staffing, and breakdown of merchandise tables at events

-- Fabric, costumes, theatrical props

-- Shoot/Edit a music video

-- Someone who can run a sound board

FOR UP TO DATE WISH LIST AND VOLUNTEER NEEDS, CHECK THE WEB SITE (click the link at the left for 'member stuff')



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