L.U.N.C.H. and Special Voices 



Entry Deadline: March 3, 2009

An Opportunity for Young Singers To Perform and Record Professionally
for a Great Cause and Win a $500 Scholarship

Local United Network to Combat Hunger (LUNCH) is proud to announce the third Voices For Hope vocal scholarship competition and concert.   Our partner for this year is Special Voices, an organization which provides music-based programs for children with special challenges.

This year's Voices For Hope song, "All of Us God's Children", is dedicated to our support of programs which benefit children and adults with disabilities.  We are seeking a person to represent Voices For Hope and to sing and record the song.  Finalists will audition live at the East Hartford Community Cultural Center and will be evaluated by industry professionals.  The winner will receive a $500 scholarship, perform the song at the Voices for Hope Benefit Concert as well as at LUNCH concerts and other future events, including a concert at the Hart School of Music.   The song will also be professionally recorded and will be released wordwide as a CD-single and as part of the first Voices For Hope Compilation CD.   As the competition winner, there may be additional opportunities to appear in print, radio, tv and electronic media.   For a look at past Voices for Hope winners, concerts and recordings, visit the Voices For Hope section of our website  at www.lunchensemble.com

Rules, Guidelines and Entry Form


Each individual performer (ages 11-19 by April 3 2009) will submit:

--  A completed Entry Form signed by a parent/guardian (if not 18 years of age)

 -- An a capella recording (no audible musical accompaniment) of an inspirational (positive) song of the individual performer’s choosing or creation.  No photo is required (although you may include one if you wish) as this competition is only about vocal talent and the performer’s passion for helping children and adults who need hope and help.  Simply entering this competition is poignant evidence of the performer’s passion.  Please be sure to clearly state your name and age on the recording before you begin to sing your song.

 -- A short statement, recorded on your submission before you sing your song, stating why you wish to be a part of the  Voices for Hope and Special Voices mission.

 -- A $28 entry fee payable to LUNCH.  Note the name of the individual performer on the check or money order.  All proceeds generated by this event benefit social services and programs to benefit children with special challenges.


Section 1:  The Voices For Hope Competition Process

 Vocal talent, expression, passion, originality, and depth of feeling are the judging factors, not the song selection or the sophistication of the recording. The entrant's recorded statement as to why they are entering this competition will also be considered.

Youth groups, houses of worship, schools and other organizations in touch with youth and/or equipped with recording equipment are encouraged to assist members/students/friends to complete their individual competition packages, and to encourage everyone to participate.

As the competition Administrator, of LUNCH will conduct the first tier of judging, with judges comprised music professionals from the LUNCH Ensemble and the Connecticut Songwriters Association.  Approximately fifteen Finalists will be selected.

The Finalists will receive a practice copy of the song "All of Us, God's Children"  to learn for the final audition live on stage at the East Hartford Community Cultural Center on Saturday, April 4,  2009 beginning at 12 noon.    Finalists will have at least 5 days in advance of the finals to learn and practice the audition piece.  The practice CD will have Karaoke tracks in multiple keys, and finalists may choose to sing with the accompaniment track in the key that best suits their voice.

The Judges for the final auditions will include professional nationally known artists from the LUNCH Ensemble, the Connecticut Songwriters Association,  as well as representatives from Special Voices.  The winner will be announced that evening at the Voices For Hope Concert event, which is open to the public.    All Finalists will be able to participate in the concert,  7:30pm April 4 2009 at the East Hartford Community Cultural Center.

 Voices For Hope Prizes

-- The judges will select a Winner, and a first and second runner up.

-- The winner will receive a $500 Scholarship Award and be designated an official Voices For

    Hope Ambassador.   

-- The winner will perform "All of Us God's Children" and other songs live at events which may include various LUNCH concerts and other future events (see www.lunchensemble.com )

-- The winner will have the opportunity to record the song professionally at the Connecticut Songwriting Academy for international release on CD and through i-Tunes and similar outlets.

-- The first and second runners-up will have recording and performing opportunities as well

-- For the Winner and Runners-up, there may be opportunities for inclusion in print, Radio, TV,

     electronic media releases and interviews.

The song "All of Us God's Children"  is written and produced by award-winning songwriter Bill Pere (www.billpere.com) and will be included on compilation and/or single CD releases to be produced by LUNCH and also distributed during LUNCH and Special Voices events,  as well as internationally via digital distribution.   Proceeds from the CD-single release will benefit Special Voices and other local social services.

Section 2:  Voices For Hope Rules

Our future  depends on knowledgeable, thoughtful and motivated citizens to build a more just society.  In the belief that questions about social justice and leadership are vital to civic education, we established the Voices of Hope campaign to expand opportunities for people to make their talent and spirit of hope known.

2.1.   Eligibility

      This competition is open to anyone age 11 to 19 by April 4, 2009.

If selected as a Finalist, you must be able to appear for the live final auditions and concert
         on  April 4, 2009 at the East Hartford Community Cultural Center, East Hartford, CT

An individual performer may enter as many times as he/she wishes, but each entry requires a separate and complete  Performance Package, including a signed Entry Form, Recorded Performance, and Entry Fee.

Performers are encouraged to seek advice, guidance and support from friends and family, e.g., school, club, place of worship, youth group, or community organization.

Entry packages postmarked after the deadline March 3, 2009

Entrants and winners in past Voices For Hope competitions are eligible to enter again as long as they continue to meet the age requirements. 


2.2.  The Performance Package

Submit an a capella  recording (no audible music accompaniment allowed) of any inspiring, positive song of your choosing or creation in  any of the following formats:   CD;   cassette tape;  mp3 file on a CD; VHS;  or DVD.   Please introduce yourself by clearly stating your name and age before beginning to record your song.   Please be sure the name of the contestant is written on the CD or cassette.

 Mail, using sufficient postage, to:  LUNCH, PO Box 511, Mystic, CT  06355.  

Each Performance Package becomes the property of the Voices For Hope competition and will not be returned.  All eligible submissions must be in English.

Only the competition judges will hear your private recording.  The judges want only to hear your individual voice.  Judging will have nothing to do with your song selection or with the quality of your recording equipment.  The judges are seeking the finalists whose voices can best perform the song "All of Us, God's Children".

Entrants shall include a spoken essay or statement as to why they feel they would make a good representative of programs like LUNCH, Voices For Hope and Special Voices.  The statement may be included on your recorded submission BEFORE the song you sing.

Each Performance Package (an individual may submit more than one) requires a $28 Entry Fee.  A family, church, organization or any advocate is welcome to sponsor one or more individual performers or one performer several times.  Please make your check or money order payable to LUNCH. On each check please note in the memo area the name of the individual performer.  Proceeds from this event benefit social services and programs to help children with special challenges.

2.3.  Additional Contest Rules and Information

The right to submit your recording may not be restricted.  If you are represented by an agent or   manager and/or if your Performance Package is encumbered in any way, you must provide sufficient   evidence to LUNCH that you are permitted to participate in this competition

Your Performance Package, must not defame or invade publicity rights or the privacy of any person, living or deceased, or otherwise infringe on any person’s personal or proprietary rights.


 LUNCH is not responsible for human error, lost, late, misdirected, mail, postage due, mutilated or illegible mail;  faulty or damaged recordings, and/or incorrect or inaccurate Entry Form information.


All Performance package materials will be retained by LUNCH and will not be returned to entrant.  Any and all expenses incurred during the competition process, including but not limited to recording, postage and transportation are the entrant’s sole responsibility.


LUNCH will not have any ownership rights to the content of any Performance Package submitted.  The only purpose of the Performance Package is for competition judges to select the finalists.


All decisions made by the LUNCH judges, Administrator, and other partners are final and not subject to inquiry or appeal.


If selected as a Finalist, you must provide for your own transportation to the final auditions and concert. It is the responsibility of all Entrants, Finalists and Winner to make any and all necessary arrangements with schools, employers, families, etc. to participate in this competition and any subsequent live events.  Any lodging expenses are the responsibility of the entrant.


All Voices For Hope dates (e.g., competition submission deadline, judging and live judging), acknowledgement of entrants, and prizes are subject to change.


By entering, entrants agree that they have no right to bring (and covenant not to bring) any claim, action or proceeding of any kind or nature whatsoever against LUNCH or any other partnering organization or judge in connection with this competition.


For those winners invited to participate in recording a  LUNCH CD, all songs, arrangements and CD placements are selected at the discretion of LUNCH.


Entrants give permission to LUNCH and Special Voices to take and use photos and videos of any events related to this contest for promotional purposes to further their non-profit missions.


In the event of a tie in the Finalist selection process, the entry with the earliest postmark will be chosen.


Section 3:  ENTRY FORM                                                                                    

(Please return the 2 pages of this section, signed,  with your entry package.

 Be sure to include a valid e-mail address.  All communications will be via e-mail. )

Enter your Performance Package by mail,  to  LUNCH – Voices For Hope P.O. Box 511, 

Mystic, CT. 06355-0511  Deadline for entries is March 3 2009. (In the event of a tie in the Finalist selection process, the entry with the earliest postmark will be chosen).



The Contestant:  (Please fill in all items below)


Age (as of April 4, 2009):


Entrant Parent/Guardian name:

Entrant Address:


Phone:  (home) :                                                   (cell) :


How did you hear about, LUNCH or Voices for Hope, or Special Voices?  We want to know who to thank.


Your Recorded Performance:


The name and writer(s) of your chosen or original song recorded a capella (no audible music accompaniment permitted; we only want to hear your voice):

Recording format submitted: (check one) ___CD     ___  Cassette  ___mp3 

                                                            ___VHS   ___  DVD

Entry Fee

There is a $28 per one-song performance package.  Each entrant may submit more than one complete performance package. Please make your check or money order payable to LUNCH, the non-profit Administrator of this competition.  Please note the name of the performer on the check in the memo area. Net proceeds will benefit Special Voices and social service programs.   LUNCH is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Clearly mark your name, address, and phone number on your recording and on everything included in your performance package. 

Your Promise

 I certify that I have read, understood and accept the Rules & Guidelines for the Voices of Hope Competition.  I warrant that I have the right to make this a private recording and submit this material for the private use of the judges, and this submission does not in any way infringe upon the rights of any third party.


Signature & Date   (Entrant)


:_________________________________________Date____                ___


If entrant is under 18 years of age, the signature of a parent or guardian is required.

Signature & Date


:_______________________ ____________________Date______                    _

                         Parent or Guardian



The event will be held on Saturday April 4, 2009 at the East Hartford Community Cultural Center, located at 50 Chapman St. in East Hartford, CT.

Entrants should arrive by 12 noon.  Entrants may be accompanied by any member(s) of their families.

The schedule for the day (subject to change) will be :

12:00-1:00pm – Welcome and Introductions; Photos.

1:00 – 3:30pm   Auditions:  One at a time, entrants will enter the Auditorium and sing

               "All of Us God's Children", accompanied by music tracks, in front 

                 of the judges.  No other persons will be permitted to watch the

                          audition  Each finalist will  audition individually.

3:30-4:30pm    Rehearsal for the evening concert (the Voices for Hope Finalists will

                        participate in some of the songs)

4:30-6:30pm    Dinner break 

6:00-6:30pm    Final sound check and prep for concert

7:30-9:30pm – Voices For Hope Concert : A Tribute to Harry Chapin, with Bill Pere and

     the LUNCH Ensemble.   The winner for the Voice For Hope competition    

     will be announced, and the scholarship prize will be presented.   The

     winner will sing "All of Us God's Children" in the concert.



If a man tried to take his time on earth and prove before he died what one man's life could be worth,

 I wonder what would happen to this world ? – Harry Chapin



LUNCH (Local United Network to Combat Hunger)

LUNCH uses the power of popular music to produce positive social action, involving kids in music and theater productions to show them they can make a difference in the lives of others.  LUNCH was founded in 1989 by Bill Pere, an internationally published writer and recording artist, who has been in the forefront of the music industry for almost 30 years.  A songwriter, lyricist, and music educator, Bill is the Executive Director of the CT Songwriters Association and President of the CT Songwriting Academy.  Working with thousands of kids, LUNCH has produced shows raising almost $1,000,000 for local social services.  LUNCH follows the example set by singer-songwriter Harry Chapin who said "Do one show for yourself and one for the other guy..."   LUNCH does them ALL for the other guy.  LUNCH has received many state and national awards.   In 1995, Bill Pere was appointed as an Official CT State Troubadour by the Connecticut Commission on the Arts, and was named national Independent Artist of the Year 2003.  Visit www.lunchensemble.com and www.billpere.com

The Voices for Hope Program

Voices for Hope is a public education campaign to conduct a service-oriented music contest for the benefit of worthwhile programs which address basic human needs.  The contest is administered by the non-profit organization LUNCH (Local United Network to Combat Hunger) to aid their programs helping to end hunger and homelessness as well as other similar minded 501(c)(3) organizations in New England.  Additional pro bono support is offered by the Connecticut Songwriting Academy (www.ctsongwriting.com) , Sound Krayons Music (www.soundkrayons.com )  and the Connecticut Songwriters Association (www.ctsongs.com) .


If you need further information regarding this competition, or any aspect of LUNCH's community outreach through music,  contact Bill Pere at LUNCH by e-mail at info@lunchensemble.com and visit the website at www.lunchensemble.com