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Started in 1995, The LUNCH Holiday Show is an annual favorite.  This event is a a full stage play which mixes bits of our pop culture with the traditions of the Holidays.  We've done shows which parody  the X-files, The Wizard of Oz,  reality TV, Super-Heroes, Gilligan's Island,  Harry Potter,  Star Wars, 
Indiana Jones,  Dilbert, Hunger Games, and much more.   All of our shows are original, written and directed by Bill Pere.  These family events have involved hundreds of kids and adults, and benefit many local social service agencies. 


Coming in 2017

Contact us Now to Audition for 2016
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 The 21st LUNCH Holiday Show

Outwit - Outlaugh - Outsleigh

DECEMBER 2, 2017
7pm Union Baptist Church
119 High St, Mystic
Pre-show music & Trivia begins at 6:15

Contact us NOW for an audition:
  or  860-572-9285

"Game of Clones: Winter Is Coming"  - Santa is asked to bring the joy of Christmas to the kingdom of Westeros, a land of dragons and Maesters and imps (Oh My!).   He's overworked and needs help, so Professor Wonderbread tries top make several clones of Santa
to do the work -- but it does not turn out as expected.

LUNCH Holiday Show

   Bill Pere Concert

"The HungUp Games: StockingDay!"  -  Two representatives from each of the 12 districts in Santa's workshop must comptete with each
other   in the HungUp Games, to avoid being fired when the workshop is downsized.

Holiday Show 2015 HungUp Games

"The Three Scrooges"  -  Santa wants to call it quits and get a desk job. He applies at Scrooge Enterprises,  where he is interviewed by
Mo, Lara and Shirley Scrooge -- and their three spirit assistants...


HolidayShow 2014 :The Three Scrooges

Santa enlists the help of a great detective to solve a Star Trek mystery in " I'll Be Holmes for Chistmes (You Can Count on That!)l"
The dilithium crystals that power Santa's sleigh have been stolen. It takes the great deductive skill of Sherlock Holmes to discover that they have be taken by Klingons!  ( photos coming  )


Harris & Ford in  "Diana Jones: Reindeer of the Lost Arc, The Christmas Skull, and the Search for the Holy Gruel" A rogue Elf of Self has stolen three of Santa's artifacts and has hidden them in exotic locations.  Without the Lost Arc, the Christmas Skull, and the Holy Gruel,  Santa cannot make his Christmas Eve rounds.  It's Diana Jones to the rescue -- but can they survive the Tempo of Doom?   ( photos coming  )

" May the Horse Be With You: Christmas at the OK Chorale"" - It's Star Wars meets the Old West as we go back to 1881 and learn how Santa learned to use the ways of the Force, trained by Master Jedi Knight Jonli-Wayne Kenobi.  The Earps, Doc Holiday, the Clantons are all  there at the Mos Eisley Saloon.  ( photos  )

" 'Twas Nuts Before Christmas" - We all know it gets a little crazy around holiday time, but what about all the stuff that Santa has to deal with?   He has his own unique set of problems to solve in the days leading up to Christmas.   ( photos-1  photos-2 )

"Christmas on Gilligan's Island" - Sit right back and you'll hear a tale -- Santa visits seven stranded castaways.  And they are also visited by aliens, pirates, fish-people, and dancing natives.
( photos here )

"Harry Shopper and the Order From Phoenix" - How does Santa teach his Elves all the Christmas   magic?  They spend some time at Hogwarts during the students' winter break, learning from the best wizards!  ( photo album here!)


"An Evening With Santa" - Just an informal get-together with Santa and his elves and reindeer before Christmas -- but why do all these strange people from past holiday adventures keep showing up ? (photo album here)

"Christmas with the Super-Heroes" -- The evil Lex Luthor has shrunk Superman and is going to destroy Christmas in Metropolis with his creation, Bobo the Giant Chimp!  Santa to the rescue !  (photo album#1) (photo album #2)

"A Mall and the Night Visitors" - Dorothy and her friends from Oz end up at the Mall and have to deal with the Wicked Witch and Mall Santas!  (photo album #1) (photo album #2) (photo album #3)

"The Gift of the Madguy"  -- Aliens come to kidnap Santa so they can have Christmas on  their planet !  (photo album)


       "Survivor: North Pole" -- Compete in Survivor to try to help Santa out of bankruptcy. You're up against Rocky Balboa,  a James Bond wanna-be,  Barbie,  The Cat in the Hat, and more. But be careful what you wish for-- Especially if you're a new elf just trying to learn how to control your magic.  (photo album #1) (photo album #2)


       "Santaplicity" -- What happens when you make a clone of a clone of a clone ?  (photo album)


"The Three Scrooges" - Meet the helpers at Santa's Workshop: Mo', Laura, and Shirley.  The managers of Christmas pasta, presents, and futures.  (photo album)

holiday 2001


     "A Dilbert Christmas: Miracle on the 34th Floor" --  Dilbert wants to go to the office party, but the boss wants him to write an
      article about all those people in society who still have to work at their jobs on Christmas Eve.   That includes Norman Bates.... 
      (photo album)


     "Christmas on Gilligan's Island" --  Come sit right down and you'll hear a tale -- Santa visits seven stranded castaways.
      (photo album)



"A Christmess Carol: The Tale of  Heavysneezer Scrooge and his Search for a New Nose !"  - The three spirits of Christmas take old Scrooge on a search for allergy relief.   (photo album)



"The X-mas Files: The Search for Santa" --  Agents Skull and Moldy know that the truth is out there... Way out there !  (photo album)



Coming:  The Hunger Games: Getting Fired

Coming:  Game of Clones

Coming: A Quizmas Carol

Coming: The Mojo Holidaze of Austin Powers


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